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       Bed and Breakfast  Argentina 



B & B Centro 3     code C3
Sarmiento and Bulnes- 9th floor Buenos Aires                                                 Subway: Medrano Station line "B"
Rooms: 1 single with private WC/ 1 double with shared bathroom  Amenities:  Fridge in kitchen/ Breakfast optional  

Restrictions:  Smokers

Attractions: Corrientes Avenue with its theaters, cultural centers and shops. Just in front of the Almagro Square.  Abasto Shopping. The location of this apartment is the best to get all the places in just 10'. Close to many "MILONGAS" where you can enjoy of dancing Tango. Hostesses: Flora  and her daughter Karina, a photographer.



Bedroom in C3

C3 Bed and Breakfast

Balcony at C3 Bed and Breakfast


Single U$S 12.- p/ day without breakfast

Single U$S 15.- p/ day with breakfast

Double U$S 20.-/ 23.-p/ day without breakfast

Special discounts

Single U$S 80.-p/ week  with breakfast

Single U$S 200.-p/ month without breakfast