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B & B Belgrano     code B1
Conesa and Olazabal, 1st floor, Buenos Aires                                                                                Subway: Juramento Station
Rooms:  singles/   doubles/  with shared bathroom and WC Amenities:  Full Kitchen- Fridge- Breakfast 

Languages: English-  Italian

Attractions: Belgrano is one of the best Buenos Aires’s neighborhood with an important shopping area, restaurants and night life.  However you will stay in a very quiet block. There are some  parks to get in a few minutes (Barrancas de Belgrano 5 by walking, Palermo Gardens, the Zoo and the Botanic Garden  10’ by subway or by cycling) Hostess: Gabriela, a young architect.


Access hall  Lounge in B1

Single  U$S 10.- p/ day/ U$S 13.- with breakfast

Single 1 month U$S 170.- without breakfast

+ 2 months U$S 150.- p/ month

Double U$S 18.-/ U$S 21.- w/breakfast p/ day